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Extended Reality

We develop exciting applications of Extended Reality. We have several applications of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality. Some of our early clients in this vertical include Amaryllis Hotels, Ekhaya Farms, EGENCO, UNDP, MICF and many more.

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Game Development

We have game development capabilities for most major platforms and have already developed for several clients on the local market. We are most excited about the educational game we developed for the ministry of education that is in use at some secondary schools in the country. The game is used for form three math, runs on low cost tablets and help students learn principles of geometry in a fun interactive way.

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Dive into the fascinating world of CGI and VFX at NxtGenLabs, where we blend imagination with hands-on skills. Our program goes beyond the basics, offering a journey into the art of crafting captivating visual stories. Whether you're into filmmaking or animation, our curriculum is tailored to unlock your creative potential. Join us for an immersive learning experience that combines the latest techniques with industry insights, allowing you to bring your imaginative visions to life.

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Software development

We build custom innovative web, mobile, blockchain, and enterprise software to suit your business needs. We have already developed and deployed several software solutions such school management systems, digital assets management systems tand many more.

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IOT and Hardware

Currently developing hardware solutions for traffic management, parking management, supply chain management, greenhouse technology among many others.Our hardware solutions are developed to work with latest technologies and standards such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Edge Computing to mention a few.