Frequently Asked Questions

What is the value of such an education?

When students participate in coding and robotics activities, they’re learning employability skills

such as teamwork and collaboration, problem solving, the ability to fail and persevere, and


How can your technology programs benefit my child’s future?

Here are just a few examples:

  • Expand Horizons, our students explore cutting edge applications of programming and computers, providing plenty of exercise for curiosity and imagination.
  • Improving problem solving skills, technology and coding are all about problem solving. Our passionate educators utilize age appropriate programs that help develop and improve your child’s logical reasoning.
  • Increase motivation,our programs are structured to help boost confidence so students are motivated to overcome challenges.
  • Improve social skills. Many of our camps and classes encourage working in teams to solve problems. By interacting with other kids students develop social skills that can help them excel at any job environment.
  • Improve focus skills, our technology and coding classes help young engineers and scientists to improve their attention to detail and overall levels of focus.
I want my child to be a Doctor, Lawyer, etc why should I send them to learn coding and computer science?

Our lives now more than ever are more intertwined with technology, we have smart watches, smart cars, smart tvs, smart phones and many other devices that we interact with on a daily basis. Traditional jobs like Teachers, Doctors and Lawyers too are evolving and constantly changing with the increased influence of Automation, Artifical Intelligence, Machine Learning and Robotics. The jobs of the future will require skills today’s learners to be equipped with the necessary skills to compete and thrive in that world.

What curriculum do you use?

Our educators have a passion for technology and coding. We utilize the curriculum and lesson plans that come with MinecraftEDU, DJI, Scratch, Clickteam Fusion, Makey Makey, Makeblock, and Lego Robotics. This means that your child is learning a top-notch STEM education comparable with anywhere in the world.

What is STEM?

STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

Why is a STEM education important?

Education on STEM concepts has become a large focus in many schools over the last few years but many schools do not have the resources to allow children to explore these concepts in a fun interactive manner with more depth. It is our mission to inspire children to pursue careers in STEM fields through educational play and hands-on learning with world class technology at an early age.

What is Scratch™

Scratch is a programming language and an online community where children can program and share interactive media such as games, stories and animations with people all over the world. As children create with scratch they learn to think creatively, work collaboratively and reason systematically. Scratch is designed and maintained by the lifelong Kindergarten group at MIT Lab. Scratch is the basis for most of the curriculum with applications of it being used to program games, robots, and drones.

What do you do that regular schools do not do?

Being an after school program we do not want your child to feel like they are back in school again. This is why our carefully designed space does not have whiteboards, student desks and a traditional classroom environment. We also do not have exams, tests or homework. Instead we have students sit in maker spaces in groups of ten to fifteen around a big table work area to foster team work and group discussion, instead of tests and exams we have team sprints, challenges and hackathons.

Our teaching approach is highly systematic. We make sure that each subject is thoroughly learned and understood so our students solve problems through logic rather than memorizing theory.

Our aim is to help students understand and love coding and robotics, be inventive and think outside the box. To provide this we provide an engaging and enriching environment in which children can develop their abilities far beyond the ordinary.

How are lessons delivered?

Lessons are delivered in person by an instructor through a presentation on our 55” inch Smart TVs, with hand held tablets (ipads), laptops (chromebooks) and All-in-One Desktops provided to each student. Students come in two times a week for two 45 minute sessions with a ten minute break in between and once on the weekend for a 2 hour session.

At what age can my child start?

Currently we are only offering classes for children from 6-18 years and we are open to admissions all year round as learning is self-paced depending on the skill and ability of the learner.

What skills will my child learn at your academy?
How safe is the space?

The space is designed with children in mind; all our surfaces are disinfected before every lesson. We have 24 hour CCTV, armed security guards and safety equipment such as goggles/safety glasses, lab coats are provided to all students before lessons start. We also have liability insurance coverage and with a low student to teacher ratio of around 1:7 our trained learning assistants always have a close eye on your child.