About nxtgen labs

NxtGen Labs is a Coding and Robotics  Labs, duly registered as Private Limited  Company. We are based in Lilongwe, on the  M12 from City Mall next to Automotive  Products. 

NxtGen Labs is specifically focused on  education and innovation around emerging  technologies such as Internet-of-things,  Machine Learning, Artificial and Robotics.

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Right in line with the Malawi 2063 Agenda we view ourselves  as enablers of Human Capital Development in the Country.  “We shall accelerate our transition to an upper  middle-income economy status by creating a vibrant  knowledge-based digital economy. We shall create  incubation hubs in our academic institutions and research  centers to commercialize our local innovations and heavily  invest in research and development to encourage  innovations.”-excerpt from Malawi 2063 Plan, Enabler #5  Human Capital Development, Page 36


The mission of NxtGen Labs is to be a leading Lab and a  center of excellence in the Region for training and  development of innovations and products in emerging  technologies such Robotics, Internet-of-Things (IOT),  Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain  and Virtual Reality among many others.

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